Urban Heat Generation

May 31, 2006

Being in the temperature business gives us a head start on issues impact the globe. We have the unique distinction of consulting consultants. It makes it hell for any personal life because I solve problems for a living. I don't have the luxury of emotion in my work, if you employ lack of logic and don't pay attention, you can get yourself killed or others.

We will be linking you soon to a pilot study we completed for a hydrologist to see if we could accurately measure the temperature of water from the air.

Water temperature is important because everything has limits, especially fish. It was challenging and we were accurate from the air as well as we were able to locate sources of heat impacting the watershed. Solar radiation had generated heat islands as high as 60 Deg. C on a 32 Deg. C day where vegetation had been removed. We were able to see how fish channels performed and locate groundwater.

www.thermoguy.com/globalwarming-heatgain.html is where you can see visuals of thousands of hours of research related to verifying building function related to heat gain only, heatloss and others are a different application.

Our research has produced accurate representations of actual building function and due process is missing critical data. National to municipal, the building process was signed off as compliant because function couldn't be seen. Insurers pick up liability and under the assumption of compliance.

It isn't happening and instead of buildings being the science they are, we have allowed people to do their own “thing” through well intended renovations. The building envelope is the exterior of the building that separates indoor and outdoor environments. They are the exterior walls, roof, and floor performance.

Go to www.thermoguy.com/globalwarming-heatgain.html and see the performance of different colors on the exterior. See the conduction inside the building. Southern States have mold problems and this is part of it. If they need air conditioning, your home is exceeding design temperatures. The heat is coming through the walls because they aren't designed for it and the air conditioning causes condensation and a humid environment.

Are you looking at buying a home and it has no trees? Don’t do it, look for a home with tall trees and shade from the sun. If you are painting or considering painting the outside, stay very light on color or use aircraft paint for UV protection. Wait till you see exterior insulation function with UV on the side of the building.

Alaska is reporting warm winters as reported by USA Today and the greenhouse gas theory is flawed. Buildings aren't functioning as you think so cover your butts, your children’s environment and health depend on it.

You will see in time that our information is new to the world and required by giving professionals second sight of temperature. Every city, state, province and country has these problems, they can't see them....

...The globe is warming, every new building is generating superheat and we treat the symptoms. This impacts everyone, look at the church performance at the link. How can we pray to something and pollute it at the same time.

If your company or affiliates have environment programs, your mandates are not being achieved, they are assumed because it couldn't be seen. Go to www.thermoguy.com/globalwarming-heatloss.html and see the heat loss, wasted greenhouse gas emissions used to heat buildings.

Buildings exceeding design temperatures with cause more expansion and contraction of the building causing more emissions with energy wasted.

Autism rates are up 100s of percent and at the end of the day, climate change objectives are about health. The toxins associated with greenhouse gas emissions doesn’t leave the planet, it cycles with the planet and the bottom line is cancer, auto immune problems with the body attacking itself because of the chemicals.


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