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Urban Heat Islands Generate Extreme Heat

March 20, 2014

Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor. Add heat atmospherically and climate changes.

Watch this time-lapsed infrared video to show urban heat islands are urban heat generators first and it happens 12 months of the year. This video is in Canada in October.

EMFs can be very dangerous depending on what they interact with. If there is no interaction then there will be no changes.

Heat rises and does not stay in one place. We all share one atmosphere. Here is a Satellite Loop of the National Weather Service showing the winds moving across North America today. Every day the winds change and all cities and countries will impact each other differently.

Governments are assuming the weather severity is related to GHG emissions and smart meters are being deployed to conserve energy as well as stop climate change. Meters will not stop this heat. FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren admitted under cross examination that FortisBC will cover 17,000 sq. kms with RF EMFs to communicate with wireless meters. That high speed agitation of atmospheric molecules will generate a 17,000 sq. km heat sink further contributing to climate change.

Shade, ground cover, functional landscaping, low e finishes would stop the heat and remove energy waste from the grid immediately.

Urban Heat Island Effect, EPA Definition: The urban heat island effect is a measurable increase in ambient urban air temperatures resulting primarily from the replacement of vegetation with buildings, roads, and other heat-absorbing infrastructure. The heat island effect can result in significant temperature differences between rural and urban areas.

Previously, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a scientific intergovernmental body under the auspices of the United Nations, dismissed urban heat islands because they couldn't see the temperature or the fact they are urban heat generators.

Currently, the IPCC is blind to temperature. Stay on the Truth has letters to MP Ron Cannan, etc on this.

Wireless Frequencies & Solar Radiation in Your Area 

December 6, 2011

Everyone needs to know and understand her/his own house may not be compliant with building codes.

The term 'air conditioning' is like calling pharmaceuticals medicine. Air conditioning is refrigeration using 1000s of watts per hour responding to the symptoms of solar radiation causing the building to generate extreme heat. White washing and shade would eliminate the electrical waste and indoor heat. By the way, smart meters are not going to catch this energy waste. Utilities are billing you for the energy waste and not reducing consumption.

This couldn't be seen before and is lectured in medical academia now for CME credits.

The IPCC would not have dismissed that information if Canada would have shared it but they did not.

That info was given to MP Cannan so the feds could pass it on; they did nothing of the sort and as a result the smart meters were deployed to address energy.

~ Curtis Bennett, June 20, 2014.

Smart Grid Stimulating Nerves, Killing Biology, Radiating Buildings, Infrastructure & Providing Excuse for Criminal Behaviour

"...There is nothing on the planet electrically compatible with each of the frequencies and the frequency interactions with everything they hit was left out of frequency calculations. The frequencies will kill everything living on the planet, radiate buildings, accelerate corrosion of infrastructure and destroy everything...." 

Smart Grid Stimulating Nerves, Killing Biology, Radiating Buildings, Infrastructure & Providing Excuse for Criminal Behaviour

Urgent Life Saving Information on

  • Urban Heat Islands
  • Climate Change & Emissions &
  • How to Save Billions

Government of Canada 
Attn: Member of Parliament Ron Cannan
cc: Environment Commissioner
September 9, 2010


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  • Save Lives

  • Save Our Buildings
  • Create Sustainability by Mitigating the Urban Heat Islands

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