Response to Canada's Throne Speech on Environment

October 17, 2007

Government of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister

Att: Mr. Harper
Cc: Environment Minister Baird, MP Ron Cannan, Bloc Party, Liberals, NDP, Green

Re: Canada’s Climate Change Policy Missing Critical Data

Dear Mr. Harper:

Your throne speech yesterday regarding climate change was embarrassing; your representation of climate change was negligent. You left out of the throne speech that a nationally certified electrical energy provider was reporting massive GHG emissions being blamed on economy in every province. It was also reported as toxicity affecting every Canadian and specifically newborns. This critical information was kept from Canadians and limited the opposition’s ability to respond.

As a first response company specializing in advanced temperature applications, we contacted your office, Privy Council, Minister Ambrose, Minister Baird, MP Cannan, and CC30 to report an unprecedented environmental emergency. Initiating dialogue with leadership on an issue specific to leadership is required protocol.

I reported the same UV and solar radiation that burns our skin is causing absorbent, solar exposed building exteriors to generate extreme heat that the buildings aren’t designed for. It was previously thought that buildings absorbed the sun’s rays and became urban heat islands. They are urban heat generators because they generate extreme heat from sun rise to sunset all year. In the winter on a -4 degree day, building exteriors were as high as 50 degrees C.

It isn’t productive to spend billions on pine beetles when our development is superheating in the winter. This superheating of the atmosphere is affecting freeze/thaw cycles.

Canada, U.S., UN, etc are reacting to the UV symptoms with air conditioning in every new building and A/C is installed in older homes everyday. Air conditioning is in fact refrigeration using ozone depleting halocarbons, uses 1/6th of the US power supply, producing MASSIVE GHG emissions, mercury, toxins all treating a heat symptom. Buildings in Canada designed for 33 degrees C are generating extreme heat as high as 94 degrees C, 100 is boiling! 100% of it is avoidable and within existing law. California produced massive GHG and got knocked off the grid treating the heat symptom while the Governor is lobbying for emission reduction without loss of economy.

Minister Baird challenged 191 countries at the Montreal Protocol this fall to speed up the reduction of ozone depleting refrigerants while Canadians installs an ozone depleting refrigerator in every building by calling it an air conditioner.

Environmental Code of Practice for Elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions from Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

The code above is about the elimination of ozone depleting refrigerants while Canada and the world install ozone depletion potential in every building, every day to treat a symptom. They are being installed today.

We reported that a coat of UV resistant paint or a UV resistant coating and shade from trees eliminate air conditioning need by reflecting the sun’s rays.

I informed leadership that information we are bringing forward was based on 17,000 hours qualifying the above information. Buildings are grossly exceeding the design temperatures provided by Environment Canada. The reason it isn’t addressed is because architects and education use calculators for temperature considerations. Every university and tech institute uses the same calculator with the entire national to municipal building industry signed off as compliant. Building performance is never verified.

My background includes architecture and energy provision, not policy. It is negligent to not respond to a professional with credentials you provided. Missing this information gave Canada nothing but excuses at the UN Meeting, US Meeting and now the Canadian Public through an inaccurate throne speech. This supplemental information on UV is the science the US and UN is missing on climate change.

Leadership can’t develop effective policy with flawed science. One day after your throne speech, UV and solar radiation is generating extreme heat that is threatening species. Any program associated with energy savings is treating symptoms. Once again, we want to show leadership what is happening outside their calculators so you can make informed decisions in the best interests of Canadians.

Our information is 100% accurate and once again I am reporting an unprecedented environmental emergency that is killing Canadians.

Kyoto could be easily met and without the loss of a job. It is an error to blame industry or economy for emissions until you get to see what is going on outside the calculator and assumption. I don’t mean any disrespect to your architects or consultants but their calculator has them talking about things they can’t qualify, I can. It is just evolved temperature technology out of the calculator.

As temperature specialists, we developed an imaging application to let doctors see inflammation, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, other cancers or circulatory challenges with the purpose of giving them sight of objectives. It is alarming to work with physicians discussing toxic babies and cancers associated with the building issues we are attempting to bring forward. The babies don’t have an immune system to protect themselves and the toxicity ratio was 100%.

Unless you immediately address the solar radiation impact, you will be violating your own laws because this isn't legally definable as sustainable. Every province has these issues, they can be addressed and they need to be addressed. Please contact the writer, time is important and this can’t afford to wait another year.

Curtis Bennett
CEO Thermografix Consulting Corporation


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