Global Warming Causing Climate Change
Without Emissions

May 8, 2011

Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor. If we add heat to the atmosphere unnaturally, it will change the weather formula. All the laws are in place to deal with any heat, we just can’t see heat. As building and energy professionals, we use calculators. Hard to imagine that education across the country is blind to temperature but it is the reality.

When we did the work we will highlight here, it contradicted our own double education in the calculator. Environment Canada and building codes tell us to watch out for solar radiation, we are to reflect or protect from it.

The exterior of buildings have a function, they are not just supposed to be pretty. Upon finding the cause of urban heat islands and what was contributing to extreme weather, we contacted the Prime Minister as well as the provinces. Policy is based on science, not the other way around. Unfortunately we were ignored even after we reported this in 7 provinces and 26 states.

It quite frankly makes me angry that Canadians and Americans are treading water because of this. The government’s answer is declare emergencies and react to the symptoms while ignoring the cause. It was cloudy in Kelowna today, rained all morning, a high of 15 but solar expose buildings hit 70 deg. C without emissions produced.

Here is an image of 2 buildings with different exterior colors on May 6 at 7:12 AM, I will follow this image with a link to show you what happened to building development in April including Earth Day.

The sad reality is this is the exception and not the rule, the government needs to respond to their credentialed science professionals or you reap what you sow. Here is a time-lapsed infrared video link.


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