Building Development Causing Climate Change,
Wasting Energy & Smart Meters Aren't Catching It

August 9, 2012

Weather = Basic Interaction of Cold and Warm Air With Water Vapour, if we heat the atmosphere we change weather.

Think of a hot air balloon, hot air rises. Look at the National Weather Service Page, scroll down to the 24 hour loop so you can see the winds move across the US and Canada. Look at the city you live in and think of the building development actually generating extreme heat with exposure to the same sun that burns our skin.

Buildings and their energy consumption are designed with regional climate extremes throughout the seasons. All the laws are in place with building codes warning us about solar radiation, we just couldn't see it. Universities, colleges and schools of the world are blind to temperature, we use calculators for design.

The United Nation’s Members concerned about a few degree rise in atmospheric temperature because of the real consequences. Climate change with global warming means there will be changes in climate. There will be floods, droughts, heat waves, cold weather, severe weather, dry weather, lightning strikes, forest fires and it will happen globally. The planet earth and all countries share the same atmosphere so we are all impacted.

Advanced infrared imaging applications were employed in 7 provinces and 26 states to document building development performance. The results were the rule and not the exception. We are responding to the symptoms of buildings solar exposure with massive non renewable resource waste, massive wasted energy production producing more toxic emissions. Shade and proper building finishes on the exterior will fix the problem, stop the heat while immediately eliminating the energy waste. Air Conditioning is refrigeration, a massive energy waste and Smart Meters aren't catching it. They are however billing you for peak hours. Los Angeles alone spends over 100 million a year responding to Urban Heat Islands, all of it is a waste reacting to symptoms. Urban Heat Information Link.

Observe billions in building development approaching boiling temperature with solar exposure. Provinces, states and country’s electrical grid is producing record energy waste responding to symptoms without addressing the cause.


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